cPVC Pipes and Fittings

Why EG cPVC ?


Euro Gulf cPVC duct is manufactured from a specialty blend of material with unique physical properties that safely withstands temperatures up to 200°F (93°C), making it ideal for hot corrosive fumes. cPVC is essentially immune to direct chemical attack by virtually all acids, bases, salts, aliphatic solutions, oxidants and halogens.

cPVC products have excellent flammability properties. cPVC will not support combustion and is rated as self-extinguishing. Euro Gulf cPVC can be assembled by solvent cementing, hot gas welding and/or flanged connections.

Advantages / Benefits

  • – Aesthetic, extremely easy, cost effective to handle and install
  • – Excellent resistance to chemicals, corrosion and abrasion
  • – Most suitable for carrying drinking water
  • – Smooth Internal Surface
  • – Energy efficient, lower thermal conductivity and insulation cost
  • – Excellent performance in tough conditions
  • – High flexibility virtually eliminates water hammers
  • – Extremely fire resistant
  • – Completely leak proof
  • – Ideal for home plumbing systems
  • – Cost – effective, durable with excellent long term reliability



  • – Hot and cold water distribution in residential, industrial and public projects.
  • – Carrying drinking water and food liquids
  • – Water and waste water treatment systems
  • – Transportation of chemical and hot corrosive fluids, which includes a wide variety of inorganic acids, bases used in chemical processing
  • – Use in industries like metal finishing, plating and treatment, pulp and paper, air pollution control, mining, aerospace, textile, food and beverage processing, fine sprinkler piping and municipal projects.
  • – Use as high tension cable protection pipe for electric net improvement (Large dia. CPVC Pipes).
  • – Solar heating, central heating and radiant floor heating application